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In the {Tech} section of Cerebrum Solutions, we offer practical applications of artificial intelligence and modern technologies to solve real business problems.


In the vanguard of technological innovation, we embed the latest AI breakthroughs to streamline and enrich your business processes. Technology is our playground, and we thrive on building solutions that are not just robust but also intuitive. With a team of passionate developers and designers, we are committed to delivering the best possible experience for your customers.

  • AI Integration: We harness the power of artificial intelligence to create smart customer support chatbots and advanced content generators, all tailored to your brand's unique voice.
  • Frontend Excellence: Leveraging modern frameworks like Vue and React, we create sleek, responsive interfaces that engage and convert.
  • Seamless Integrations: From e-commerce to custom applications, our tech stack is optimized for interoperability and performance.
  • Scalable Architectures: Whether you’re a startup or scaling up, our Node.js backends ensure that your platform grows with your business.

What we do

Proactive automated customer support for your business
AI Customer Support
Whether you need a marketing site, web application or e-commerce store, we will help you with your needs
Website and web-app development
Let your customers engage with your product portfolio in stunning, interactive 3D configurators
3D Configurators
We'll build a custom automated system for mass content generation with your brand voice and guidelines
AI Copywriter

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